Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: A DC Motor Speed Control - A Fuzzy Approach

A DC Motor Speed Control - A Fuzzy Approach



This paper presents an insight into the speed control of D.C motor using a fuzzy logic controller to meet the desired speed. Fuzzy logic is one of the most successful applications of fuzzy set in which the variables are linguistic rather than numeric. A fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is based on a set of control rules (fuzzy rules) among linguistic variables. The personal computer provides the necessary flexibility in setting any speed profile with the use of fuzzy packages. Basically a D.C shunt motor has drooping speed-torque characteristics. The proposed fuzzy controller results in a better response compared to the basic fuzzy controller and normal response of D.C motor. The step response parameters can be closely controlled with the help of simple operations within the controller. The simulation is carried out and the simulation results present the flexibility of the motor speed control.

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