Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic

Abstract - Ppt : Fuzzy logic is the result of merging the techniques of traditional rule based expert system, set theory and control theory, which is essentially developed on mathematical models of the controlled process. The concept of this paper is to control the illumination of light sources by utilising the fuzzy logic. Error and error rate are input parameters here and the voltage is the output. Theses are all normalized in the form of intersecting triangular membership functions with seven linguals each. The rules are made by the knowledge. At a time four rules are fired and the maximum of their output is taken. The value is defuzzified by the method named center of the area or center of gravity. The defuzzified voltage is denormalised and made as a pulse to be given to a power control circuit through phase control method. The pulse is produced proportionally to give power to the circuit and the illumination is again sensed and transferred to the controlling unit.
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