Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Gizmag


Abstract :
Gizmag covering invention, innovation and new technologies in all spheres of human activity - all computers, communications and automation, through social innovation, new ideas, inventions and services to improve life, work and play for people of all ages. Gizmag is free for readers, listeners and viewers. Our income comes from Internet advertising and e-mail, but we do not sell products, ideas or services that we write about, so when you see the enthusiasm and passion, you know, IT is not financially motivated. Similarly, we do not sell or advertorial writing, or allow advertising to affect the tone or direction of our staff. Our commitment is to our readers, not advertisers. We strive for balanced news coverage, and we are completely independent. We are writing to a global audience, and our expectations were not biased towards or against any other country, sex, race or religion. Our goal is to eventually offer content Gizmag in all major formats and languages, and some small as well.
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