Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Replace Silicon with Nanotechnology

Replace Silicon with Nanotechnology

Abstract : (seminar) Nanotechnology, a groundbreaking design for future Nano-electronics which enable 'low-cost, high yield fabrication'. A completely new way of designing an electronic
interconnect for nano-scale circuits using coding theory, by using a cross-bar architecture. The design consists of a pair of parallel wires crossed by a second set of wires. Together they create a switch that can deliver the functions currently assigned to transistors on silicon processors. Each latch is incredibly tiny, only a few microns wide. The crossbar latch design is "well-suited to tolerate the inevitable defects that are bound to occur in the fabrication process at such tiny dimensions" because it doesn't require the same level of precision as silicon circuits. Nanotechnology in the crossbar latch could unleash "new functions in a circuit", at such sizes "quantum mechanics takes over" and "electrons behave more like waves than particles".