Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nanotechnology in Aerospace

Nanotechnology in Aerospace

Abstract : (seminar) The aerospace applications for nanotechnology include high strength, low weight composites, improved electronics and displays with low power consumption, variety of
physical sensors, multifunctional materials with embedded sensors, large surface area
materials and novel filters and membranes for air purification, nanomaterials in tires
and brakes, logic and memory chips, sensors, catalyst support, adsorption media, actuators, etc.
The Carbon nanotubes(CNT) are the most important of these. These are configurationally equivalent to a two-dimensional graphene sheet rolled up into a tubular structure.There are single wall and multi wall thicked carbon nanotubes(SWCNT and MWCNT). Mechanical features of CNT:Young's modulus: 1 TPa ',Tensile strength: 200GPa CNTs have been shown to provide desirable electrical properties for polymer matrix composites.The applications in aerospace industry are through thermal barrier and wear resistant coatings, sensors that can perform at high temperature and other physical and chemical sensors, sensors that can perform safety inspection cost effectively.