Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nanotechnology


Abstract : (seminar) Introduction:Nanolighting Nanotechnology cooling can be used to cool future computers Possible by using a classic corona wind effect This is developed by the engineers in the Purdue University Nanotechnology
What is nanotechnology?It should let us to Get essentially every atom in the right place Make almost any structureReduce the manufacturing costs
Concepts of nanotechnology :1. Positional assembly,2. Massive parallelism,3. Convergent assembly
Positional assembly:-manipulating and positioning individual atoms and molecules
Massive parallelism,-lots of robotic arms are required to assemble large molecular parts and this is made possible by massive parallelism Convergent assembly,-vast number of small parts are assembled by vast number of small robotic arms into larger parts
Carbon nanotube science and technology:Carbon nanotubes are fullerene related structures
Consist of graphene cylinders closed at either end with caps containing pentagonal rings Discovered by Japanese electron microscopist Sumio Iijima Thomas Ebberson showed how nanotubes can be made in bulk quantities