Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Brain Computer Interface

Brain Computer Interface

The proliferation of using computers in todays network connected society is creating some very complex side effects in the application of the age old greed, jealousy and revenge. Criminals are becoming very much sophisticated in committing any crime. Computers are being used in almost every type of criminal activities. Many Gangs are using computers to clone mobile numbers and to encode credit cards. Drug dealers also use computers to store their illegal transaction ledgers. Children pornographic distributors use the Internet to trade their wares. Fraud schemes are also been advertised on the Internet. Counterfeiters & forgers use computers to make passable copies of paper currency or counterfeit cashier checks .Also for creating realistic looking false identification. In addition some information stored in computers have become the target of criminal activities. Information like social security and credit card numbers, intellectual property, proprietary information, contract information, classified documents, etc. have been targeted in recent times.
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