Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: MODERN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS


Abstract - Ppt : This paper introduces new irrigation system using fuzzy logic technique by connecting the knowledge and experience of a traditional farmer. Fuzzy logic control, which is just like the human approach of thinking, has emerged as the most active tool in automatic control. The objective of fuzzy logic controller is to automatically achieve and control some desired state of a system and process by monitoring system variables as well as taking appropriate control action. The main purpose of this work is to develop an intelligent control using fuzzy logic approach for irrigation of agricultural land, which simulates the human being’s intelligence. The status of any agricultural field in terms of evapotranspiration and error may be taken as input parameters and the decision is made to calculate the amount of water required for the area to be irrigated, well in advance. This leads to the use effective utilization of various resources like water and electricity and thus becomes a cost effective system for the expected yield.
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