Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Neural Networks

Neural Networks

Abstract : (seminar) An ITS is simple in operation. A set of questions to be given by the student is recorded in a database and is graded with a difficulty level by the author of the question. A student can then give an appropriate question,depending upon the difficulty of the question. However, in order for a student to progress in their learning,it is necessary to pitch questions so that they sufficiently make the student, without it being impossibly difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to track the student’s change in ability as they progress through the learning material. Similarly, the system is able to regrade questions in the question database. For example,a question may have been graded by the author as being relatively easy. However, it may transpire that populations of students actually find it difficult. This will be boom out by most students who should have performed well with the question actually performing poorly. Such a situation negates the pedagogy stated above. Our system is able to statistically determine that a question has been misgraded and is able to remedy the situation.