Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: 4G Technology

4G Technology

ABSTRACT : The Early Development and Impact of 4G Technology. The Internet Protocol version 6 was built up to extend and finally replace IPv4’s capabilities. IPv4 is a key element of the current online infrastructure, and IPv6 (IPv5 refers an unused experimental communications protocol) is the only available alternate to IPv4 that can support the accelerated increase of Internet enabled application program* and devices. Advance, the shortage of IPv4 addresses, which are carried to be used up early in the following decade, and the developing need for an enhanced next-generation online protocol that is foundationally secure, have made IPv6 deployment urgent.
IPv6 is expected to amend many prospects of IPv4, resolve many of its troubles, and, most importantly, make the Internet more secure. Various views on IPv6 acceptation exist within the networking community of interests, including the view that IPv6 is a failure and provides no substantial benefit over IPv4. However, acceptation of IPv6 is ineluctable.