Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Mobile Voting

Mobile Voting

Abstract - Ppt : Our voting goes mobile …. Newton did saw apple falling down.. Of what ? For what ? Why ? It is falling… We do imagine the drop of success in the Election System of India… Of what ? For what ? Why ? It is so … Yes it is the patriotistic, socialistic, humanistic, economistic, thinking of us that lead to visualize & analyze the election system (voting process) and project a viable solution of voting through Mobile Phones guarded by Finger print sensors by the new mobile language of SMS. Motion is the main physical charateristics of anything in this technology information era. Time is most precious thing and correct information is the most important thing. Merging all these things together we may look in for easier, cost effective, time managing way of casting my vote through Cell Phone with a finger print sensor. Why looking for finger print sensor in the Mobile phone ? Of course it is the security that we add to all the confidential communications which goes natural and highly secured. A finger print guarded cell phone can afford a lot in the forthcoming technocrats like M commerce, M governance, M voting, and M security.

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