Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: A DSP based On-Line UPS

A DSP based On-Line UPS



Many facilities such as patient health care centers, data processing systems, critical telecommunication links, LAN servers, offices etc rely on uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to maintain a continuous supply of power in case of line outage. In addition to requiring continuous power, many critical nonlinear loads are sensitive to the incoming line transients and input harmonic voltage distortion. Conventional UPS systems operate to protect against such disturbances using complex filtering schemes, often employing large passive components. Among the various UPS systems online UPS provides maximum protection to such loads against any power problems. Because of multiple power conversion stages, online UPSs have been the most complex and expensive type of systems. Today’s low cost, high performance Digital Signal Processors(DSPs) provide an improved and cost- effective solution for online UPS design, making them software controllable, adding some facilities like remote configuration and monitoring and other network management facilities.
This paper presents the basic design and merits of using real time digital signal processing (DSP) control of UPS systems.

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