Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Morphological Image Processing

Morphological Image Processing

Abstract:Morphological Image Processing is an important tool in the Digital Image processing, since that science can rigorously quantify many aspects of the geometrical structure of the way that agrees with the human intuition and perception.Morphologic image processing technology is based on geometry. It emphasizes on studying geometry structure of image. We can find relationship between each part of image. When processing image with morphological theory. Accordingly we can comprehend the structural character of image in the morphological approach an image is analyzed in terms of some predetermined geometric shape known as structuring element.Morphological processing is capable of removing noise and clutter as well as the ability to edit an image based on the size and shape of the objects of interest. Morphological Image Processing is used in the place of a Linear Image Processing, because it sometimes distort the underlying geometric form of an image, but in Morphological image Processing, the information of the image is not lost.In the Morphological Image Processing the original image can be reconstructed by using Dilation, Erosion, Opening and Closing operations for a finite no of times.The major objective of this paper is to reconstruct the class of such finite length Morphological Image Processing tool in a suitable mathematical structure using Java language.The Morphological Image Processing is implemented and successfully tested in FORENSICS:Fingerprint Enhancement and reduction of noise in finger print images.