Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nano Robos In Textiles

Nano Robos In Textiles

Abstract:An adage is well known to all, “change is the only permanent thing in the nature”. The sheer beauty and economy of nature enables complicated polymers first to be fabricated then, living processes. The harnessing of these secretes has now led to the availability of new polymers which can impart living characteristics into an inanimate.The break through, path braking and revolutionary developments (the leapfrogging technologies) make sense where technological advances driven by the market demands. One of the leapfrogging technologies today is “nano technology”, which is believed to reinvigorate discoveries and innovation in almost every host areas. It provides the unprecedented way of manufacturing materials, which may not be seen earlier in nature.The latest technical buzzword in textiles too is nano technology (fibres, finishes, & so on).World’s toughest fibre carbon nano fibre is currently being paid more attention due to their unique physical, mechanical, and chemical properties, obtained by an “eSpin” technology i.e. electrostatic spinning technology.This paper summarizes the recent development of nanotechnology in textile areas including textile formation and textile finishing. Details on two major technical aspects, using nanosize entities and employing specific techniques to create nanosize structure inside textile materials, have been elucidated. A number of nanosize fillers and their resultant performances have been reviewed. Particularly, nanolayer assembly, a new concept of textile surface coating, has been introduced. At the end, perspectives regarding future development of nanotechnologv for smart and intelligent textiles have been addressed.