Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Network Security using Quantum Cryptography

Network Security using Quantum Cryptography

Abstract:The question, “How to build a secure system?” baffled everyone who are currently enjoying the services provided by recent trends and technological developments achieved in the field of computers, especially the “Internet”. No doubt, gaining access to Internet and its services is quite simple, by just using gateways, dial-up connections, and ISP. But beneath this, the problems of security come as the information may be lost, stolen or corrupted. So, if the question “Why should one hack my PC?” is always backing at your mind, then there is a definite scope to challenge the “Bad guys” who want to break down the layers of security defenses. But there is no single foolproof solution for building such a secured system. Our security has to be a layered structure and that should start all the way from the selection of the Operating System even.
In this paper we mainly concentrated on Cryptography Science. We briefly discussed various Cryptographic Systems i.e., Symmetric and Asymmetric key Cryptography and their limitations. Owing to the drawbacks of basic Cryptographic Systems, our focus turned towards Quantum Cryptography whose strength, secrecy and privacy lies in the Laws of Physics than current state of unproven mathematical assumptions in Classical Cryptography. The core of the paper contains the detailed description of the fundamentals of Quantum Cryptography and how this concept overcomes the loopholes in Conventional Cryptographic System, especially “The Key Distribution Problem”. Finally we moved over to Commercial Implementations of Quantum Cryptography paving the path to Research Scope in this arena.