Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Power Quality Innovation in Harmonic Filtering

Power Quality Innovation in Harmonic Filtering

Abstract:Power quality has become a great concern for both energy suppliers and their customers because the increasing use of sensitive devices and the significant consequences of a poor power quality for the competitiveness of the companies.
The increasing developments need increasing use of electricity. While meeting this power demand, there causes a pollution in electrical system called Harmonics. The harmonics are integer multiples of fundamental currents/voltages. Substantial presence of harmonics results in excessive overheating of the equipments and other problems. Harmonics are created by non linear loads that draw current in abrupt pulses rather than in a smooth. Different problems due to harmonics have different solutions. In this paper we are going to present you the Basic concept of harmonics, their generation, problems created by them and HARMONIC FILTERATION as a solution for this problem of Harmonics.
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