Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: CARNIVORE


Development of the technology is natural. As the technology grows human life becomes simple and comfortable. Technological innovations often create ripples in unexpected quarters. while the spread of the internet is being hailed as a revolution in stature only next to the industrial revolution and e-mail picked the “Killer application”. Today Billions of business transactions are taking place using e-mails. E-mails are become so popular that we doubt whether human life will go smoothly without e-mails.
E-mails initiated a lot of debate on matters of security and ethics it has always been seen that reasonably suspicious minds of law enforcement agencies get further more as scientific innovations take place. Hence it was not surprising when the federal bureau of investigation developed carnivore.Technology can be used for good as well as for bad purposes. The development of technology makes the human life comfortable and simple but at the same time it also helps to anti-social elements like criminals and terrorist. With the evolution of communication system they can talk and send information as easy as we talk with our family members and friends. The evolution of cell-phone technology is useful for both normal people as well as for the terrorist and criminals at the same extent. For avoiding this type of crimes law enforcement agencies were developed the phone tapping technology. Using this technology we can find from where he is talking and can record what he is talking without his knowing. All of us know that to uncover the cricket match fixing rocket Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) used this technology to tap the South Africa’s cricket team captain Hansie Cronje’s cell-phone.In cyber space also criminals and terrorist are depending on e-mails and Internet. They are using e-mails for sending important information quickly to their companions who are in another place. While using e-mails whey are free from afraid of phone-tapping . so It has initiated a lot of debate on security and ethics . It has always been seen that ‘Reasonably Suspicious Minds’ of law enforcement agencies get further nosy as scientific innovations take place. Hence it was not surprising when Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) lacks in Quantico , USA developed CARNIVORE , the software wiretapping the Internet traffic, especially e-mails , giving the security agencies a new tool to police cyber space.