Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Paper Presentation on XML

Paper Presentation on XML

ABSTRACT: XML, the Extensible Markup Language, which is the best described as means of structuring data. XML was developed by the XML working group, which started out as “the SGML Editorial Review Board”, formed by the W3C(world wide web consortium) in1996 and chaired by JonBosak. XML has ability to work with HTML and definitively not an extension of HTML. XML has ability to work with HTML for data display and presentation. XML is a markup language that can run on any platform, operating system environment and is designed to provide developers with a mechanism to better describe their content. XML was developed to provide a structured environment for developers to create DTDs (Document Type Definitions) for content that doesn’t fit into the HTML mold. Both internet explorer 4 and5 as well as Netscape Navigator 5, have support for XML.