Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Artificial Vision

Artificial Vision

ABSTRACT : Blindness is more dreaded by the world than any other ailment. Artificial imagination for the blind was at one time the stuff of science fiction. But now, a fixed form of artificial vision is a fact .at present we are at the first of the close of sightlessness with this type of technology. In an effort to illumine the constantly dark globe of the dim, researchers are bending to technology. They are looking into a lot of electronic-based schemes planned to bypass different faults or lacking connections along the brain's image processing pathway and provide a few configuration of artificial sight.
This paper is about curing blindness. Associating electronics and biotechnology, the men of science accepts made the dedication to the evolution of technology that will allow or restore imagination for the visually impaired around the world. This report accounts the evolution of artificial imagination arrangement, which remedies blindness to a few extent. This paper explains the formula involved in it and explains the concepts of unreal silicon retina, cortical implants etc. The roadblocks that are created are also cleared intelligibly. At last the advances brought in in this arrangement and background of this in the later is also introduced clearly.