Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nano Technology

Nano Technology

ABSTRACT : In a domain of data, digital technologies have made copying fast, cheap ,and complete , quite an , autonomous of price or complexness of the content. what if the equivalent comprised to happen in the globe of subject? The product cost of a gross ton of tetra byte RAM chips would be about the same as the output price of steel. Design prices subject, product prices wouldn't count.
At the end turn of the century, the average individual would accept caused a rough sledding assaying to interpret how automobiles and aeroplanes acted upon, and computers and nuclear bombs exist only in essence. By the adjacent act of the century, we may have submicroscopic, self-replicating robots; machine people; the end of disease; even immortality.
Difficult to guess? Not for the fresh engender of man of science who says that the twenty-first century gave notice see all these scientific discipline fiction ambitions come in true the is because of molecular nanotechnology, a intercrossed of chemical science and engineering science that would allow us construct anything with atomic precision. In fact, men of science claim that even within the adjacent 50 years, this fresh engineering science will alter the domain in directions we could hardly commence to conceive of today.
Just as computing device analyse information into its most basal form 1’s and 0’s- nanotechnology addresses with subject in its most elemental form: particles and atoms.
With a computing device, once information is broken up and directed into combinations of 1s and 0s, it can be easily reproduced and distributed. With subject, the basic building blocks are atoms and the combinations of atoms that make up molecules. Nanotechnology allows you control those atoms and molecules, coming through imaginable to construct, replicate, and distribute any content known to human beings as easy and cheaply as you are able to replicate information with a computing machine.