Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nano Technology

Nano Technology

Abstract: (seminar) The transitory nature of science always forces it to discover new frontiers instead of being confined to a particular range. As a result, many novel branches find their way into existence. One such field of science is nanotechnology that helps to know more and more about less and less.Nanosize powder particles (a few nanometers in diameter, also called nanoaparticles) are potentially important in ceramics, powder metallurgy, the achievement of uniform nanoporosity, and similar applications. The strong tendency of small particles to form clumps ("agglomerates") is a serious technological problem that impedes such applications.Natural or man-made particles or artifacts often have qualities and capabilities quite different to their macroscopic counterparts. Gold, for example, which is chemically inert at normal scales, can serve as a potent chemical catalyst at nanoscales. The amount of space available to us for information storage (or other uses) is enormous. There is nothing besides our clumsy size that keeps us from using this space.The paper starts with brief introduction to the theme followed by the definition of nanotechnology. The history of the subject is presented in a chronological order. The concept of atomic scale fabrication is put forward to discussion and the different approaches of manufacturing are dealt with. The objectives of nanotechnology are listed.The wide range of applications of nanotechnology is discussed in detail that includes Molecular Nanotechnology, Assemblers, Nanotubes, Nanobots, Molecular Simulation and also Nanomedicine and other medical applications. The damages of Molecular Nanotechnology are elucidated immediately after their benefits.The applications of Nanotubes in fibers and electric circuits are explained. The challenges that are met and being met by Nanotechnology are also discussed. The paper is concluded finally expecting many more developments in near future.