Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: WAP


Abstract:(seminar) Mobile phones have become very popular. They offer ultimate convenience and are very useful devices for people to stay in touch. The main draw back of web based application is that the user has to stay close to the PC to use the facility. WAP has given a new dimension to web applications by doing away with the restrictions posed by PC. The growing awareness of wireless web applications aims to deliver in for that can be accessed “anywhere, anytime” using mobile.The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a new advanced intelligent messaging service for digital mobile phones and other mobile terminals that will allow you to see Internet content in special text format on special WAP-enabled mobile phones. When we use a browser to access the Internet, we have to type in an address and a web page, and then a well laid-out text appears on the screen. Similarly, on the WAP enabled mobile phone, we will connect to the Internet by keying in an address, and with the help of WAP you will be able to access the web page you want.Connecting to the Internet usually requires dialing up to an Internet Service Providers, WAP phones communicate with telephone companies that provide the cellular connection.