Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi Technology

Abstract:(seminar) Wi-Fi TechnologyIf we have a computer network in our home or office, there are several different ways to connect the computers together.Wi-Fi is the wireless way to handle networking.It is also known as “802.11 networking” or”wireless networking”. The big advantage of Wi-Fi is its simplicity and inexpensive. we can connect computers anywhere in our home or office without the need for wires. The computers connect to the network using radio signals and computers can be up to 100 feet or so apart.Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It is used to define any of the wireless technology in the IEEE 802.11 specifications. Wi-Fi is a brand originally licensed by the Wi-Fi Alliance which is a body responsible for promoting the term and its association with various wireless technology standards.Wi-Fi was intended to be used for mobile devices and LANs, but is now often used for internet access. It enables a person with a wireless-enabled computer or personal digital assistant (PDA) to connect to the internet when in proximity of an access point. Wi-Fi also allows connectivity in peer-to-peer mode, which enables devices to connect directly with each other.What makes the new standard so attracting means Wi-Fi is cheap,powerful and most important it works. A box size of paper back magically distributes broadband Internet to an area of a football field size. A card no longer than matchbox receives it. The next laptop we buy will probably have Wi-Fi built in. Wires may soon be power alone.