Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Chip Morphing

Chip Morphing

abstract : seminar Energy performance compromise: Engineering is a review of compromise. In computer engineering trade-off has always been between the performance measured in instructions per second, and the price. With the manufacturing technology, the price is closely related to the size of the chip and the number of transistors. With the emergence of embedded systems, a new equilibrium has been focused on the design. This new balance between performance and power or energy consumption. The requirements for computing the embedded systems have generally been more modest, and therefore the power output of compromises tend to be a balancing of power. "High Performance" and "energy efficiency" has been generally accepted concepts.Morph: Objectives and rationale of the project highlighted Morph, a part of the Power Aware Computing / Communication (parcels) initiative. In addition, several mechanisms to improve performance substantially, Morph project gave birth to the notion of 'changing gear', as an analogy, run time of reorganization. Morph project was to study a series of micro-architecture techniques for achieving this, as the morphable cache hierarchies and exploit the bit-slice of inactivity. One technique, multi-cluster architectures, has a direct predecessor of this work. In addition, micro-architectural changes that took place Morph realistic embedded applications, which may have the power to restrict. Also impact the design of power system is designed to run knowledge.