Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Easy embedded systems networking

Easy embedded systems networking

Java-based microcontrollers have tremendous possibleness as embedded device controllers, providing easy network connectivity to a panoramic difference of home and industrial equipment. A varied chipset in utilization at metropolis Semiconductor should support to realize this potential. The chipset, known as TINI (Tiny InterNet Interface), consists of a microcontroller with a multitasking operative system, a protocol network stack, and a Java Virtual Machine that supports applications for equipment curb and position reporting. The three-chip set module earmark a network someone and a difference of program and nonconvergent interfaces. By supporting a mini Web computer written in Java, it module also earmark users to interact with works equipment over a network through familiar, varied HTML and Java user interfaces. Work is also low way to reduce the chipset to a single chip and to earmark it to host the Jini technology. This article module present methods for designing and deploying low-cost Java-based microcontrollers using TINI technology.