Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Fault Detection

Fault Detection

Abstract : (Seminar) Fault Detection: Let x1,x2,x3................xn be the inputs to a combinational journeying in the presence of imperfectness k. As an warning consider the journeying may be either cragfast at set (s-a-0) or cragfast at digit (s-a-1). We shall denote by m0 and m1 the faults of wire m s-a-0 and s-a-1 respectively. Similar notation is utilised for the another wires. The truth table for this journeying is shown in figure(b). Where coulmn f denotes the imperfectness free production while, for warning coulmns f(m0) and f(m1) corresponed ,respectively to the journeying production in the presence of faults m0 and m1 and so on. An signaling compounding is referred to as a effort for imperfectness fk if , in response to that signaling combination, the production of the aright operating journeying is different from that of the journeying broken by imperfectness fk . Hence , for warning ,the signaling compounding 111 is the exclusive effort for detecting the imperfectness , f(m0) in the journeying of figure(c) . Since it is the exclusive signaling compounding for which the value in the coulmn f and f(m0///0 are different . n the another assistance , imperfectness f(q1) crapper be detected by the tests 001,011,and 101 and so on,for another faults. solon precisely , an signaling compounding a1,a2,a3,a4.....aN is a effort for detecting imperfectness fk if and exclusive if f(a1,a2,a3....aN) fk(a1,a2,a3,.....aN)=1 where f (a1,a2,a3..aN) and fk(a1,a2,a3,.........aN) denote respectively the imperfectness free production and the incorrect production in response to the signaling a1,a2,a3,....aN .Thus in order to watch every the tests that notice a imperfectness fk , it is needed to verify the modulo-2 sum of coulmn f and fk in the truth table.