Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: carbon bulletproof

carbon bulletproof

Abstract : Seminar Nanotechnology is the study and development of the particles and the machines, even at the cellular level. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Nanoparticles are already used in medicine and nanotechnology are being developed for a variety of tasks. Nanotechnology will affect every aspect of our lives in the decade.For following example, nanoparticles are used to transport drugs directly to target organs, but without affecting other bodies. This carbon bulletproof reduces the side effects due to healthy organs being harmed by the medication for a diseased organ. Another agreement will nanomachines that produce insulin in the bloodstream of a person suffering from diabetes, which eliminates the need for injections or orally medications.Nanotechnology also improve the lives and safety of people in all areas of activity.Researchers at the University of Sydney, to develop nano-scale carbon fibers, which can revolutionize body armor. flak jackets are not always traditional bullet-proof. Traditional flak jackets works by dividing the force during the impact area is larger than the projectile. Unfortunately, the impact of the projectile can still cause internal injuries, according to the distance the bullet was fired and the size and speed bullet.Carbon nanotube fabric body armor to absorb the force and the cause of the bullet projectile bounce, does not cause damage to person wearing the vest. same carbon nanotubes can be woven into all the clothes in which you optimal protection for ammunition and other items that may pose a threat. Coal is abundantly available natural material, which is relatively easy to work.Not only is it a bulletproof vest to make more reliable, but the use of protective clothing and tools of all kinds could also be made safer. Sectors such as construction, transportation, airlines, heavy industry, blowing, and many would benefit from greater security of carbon nanotubes woven garments kinds.Police all officers and soldiers in the field would benefit most obvious of the new technology to test projectile. Traditional bulletproof vests are heavy and bulky, often limiting the movement of the user. The new nanotubes should be thin and light jackets, but more efficient than previous versions. Police and soldiers are able to move more freely and more equipment, because the weight very low and most of the nanotube body armor.