Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: medium range wireless technologies

medium range wireless technologies

Abstract : seminar Medium-range strike system (MRWSS) is designed for medium range (up to 2 km) and simple wireless switching. MRWSS is a simple solution for applications where faulty wire replacement or new installation is not possible or practical. Possible applications include: Wireless pump control, Wi-clamp, Wireless Transport Control Wireless Gate Control, Light Control Wireless, a wireless alarm system, Wireless motor control, Wireless PLC activation, wireless automation.Mounted in a NEMA 4X MRWSS is designed for outdoor / indoor industrial applications. The transmitter itself is housed in a time of testing a robust aluminum housing and supported with a warranty of three years. The transmitter has a power output of 2 watt@27.255 MHz. Typical range is about 2 miles, with an antenna application itself, it is not limited to the line of sight communication.The MRWSS consists of a transmitter with two inputs and two outputs (12 VDC) receiver. The MRWSS comes with power supply and antennas. Just to make connections, and MRWSS is ready and guaranteed to do. Characteristics of MRWSS include:Possibility of activating a pump, relays, solenoids, lighting, alarm, or any other device until two miles away.The 27 MHz frequency transmission line sight.Includes not require a transmitter with two inputs, two outputs receivers, antennas high gain, assemblies, and coaxial cables for easy setup.Performance is covered by a warranty of three years.