Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Measurement-Based Admission Control At Edge Routers

Measurement-Based Admission Control At Edge Routers

It is very important to allocate and manage resources for multimedia traffic flows with real-time performance requirements in order to guarantee quality of service (QoS). In this paper, we develop a scalable architecture and an algorithm for admission control of real-time flows. Since individual management of each traffic flow on each transit router can cause a fundamental scalability problem in both data and control planes, we consider that each flow is classified at the ingress router and data traffic is aggregated according to the class inside the core network as in a DiffServ framework. In our approach, admission decision is made for each flow at the edge (ingress) routers, but it is scalable because per-flow states are not maintained and the admission algorithm is simple. In the proposed admission control scheme, an admissible bandwidth, which is defined as the maximum rate of a flow that can be accommodated additionally while satisfying the delay performance requirements for both existing and new flows, is calculated based on the available bandwidth measured by edge routers. The admissible bandwidth is a threshold for admission control, and thus, it is very important to accurately estimate the admissible bandwidth. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated by taking a set of simulation experiments using bursty traffic flows.

Existing System:-

• This mechanism doesn’t guarantee the quality of service (QOS) and managing and allocation of the resources with real-time performance.

• Here we have used reactive and preventive approaches to achieve quality of service In the reactive approaches, QOS is supported by adaptively changing the source traffic load based on the network status but this reactive approach may not be directly applicable to the applications which do not change the traffic rate adaptively.

Proposed System:-

• Here we have used new algorithm named admission control to achieve

 The first one is to guarantee the contracted QoS for real-time flows.

 Another to achieve high network utilization.

• The admissible bandwidth is calculated in advance and the admission decision is done by simple comparison, our scheme can perform admission control even for the requests arriving at the rate of up to the link rate

Hardware Interface:-
• Hard disk : 40 GB
• RAM : 512 MB
• Processor Speed : 2.20GHz
• Processor : Pentium IV Processor

Software Interface:-
• JDK 1.5
• Swing Builder