Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: pDCS: Security and Privacy Support for Data-Centric Sensor Networks

pDCS: Security and Privacy Support for Data-Centric Sensor Networks


The demand for efficient data dissemination/access techniques to find relevant data from within a sensor network has led to the development of Data-Centric Sensor (DCS) networks, where the sensor data instead of sensor nodes are named based on attributes such as event type or geographic location. However, saving data inside a network also creates security problems due to the lack of tamper resistance of the sensor nodes and the unattended nature of the sensor network. For example, an attacker may simply locate and compromise the node storing the event of his interest. To address these security problems, we present pDCS, a privacy enhanced DCS network which offers different levels of data privacy based on different cryptographic keys. pDCS also includes an efficient key management scheme to facilitate the management of multiple types of keys used in the system. In addition, we propose several query optimization techniques based on Euclidean Steiner Tree and keyed Bloom Filter (KBF) to minimize the query overhead while preserving query privacy. Finally, detailed analysis and simulations show that the KBF scheme can significantly reduce the message overhead with the same level of query delay and maintain a very high level of query privacy.

Existing System:-

• We have used external based storage data dissemination approach where an external base station (BS) is used for collecting and storing the sensing data.

• If many queries are issued from nodes within the network external storage-based scheme is very inefficient since data must be sent back and forth between the sensors and the BS, thus causing the nodes close to the BS to die rapidly due to energy depletion.

• All data of the same event type are stored at the same node so one can easily determine the locations of the sensors storing different types of data

Proposed System:-

• pDCS is the first one to provide security and privacy to DCS networks.

• It provides following features like
 Even if an attacker can compromise a sensor node and obtain all its keys, he cannot decrypt the data stored in the compromised node
 After an attacker has compromised a sensor node, he cannot know where this compromised node stored its event data generated in the previous time intervals.

 pDCS includes very efficient key management schemes for revoking a compromised node once its compromise has been detected.

 pDCS provides a novel query optimization scheme to significantly reduce the message overhead without losing any query privacy

Hardware Interface:-
• Hard disk : 40 GB
• RAM : 512 MB
• Processor Speed : 2.20GHz
• Processor : Pentium IV Processor

Software Interface:-
• JDK 1.5
• Swing Builder