Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Risk Management: The Game of Security

Risk Management: The Game of Security

It is very important to understand that security, we simply can not say, `` What is the best firewall?''There are two extremes: absolute security and absolute access. The closest we can come to a completely secure computer is disconnected from the network, power, locked in a safe, and thrown into the deep ocean. Unfortunately, not very useful in this state. A machine with absolute access is extremely easy to use: it is simply there, and tell you, no questions asked, authorization, passwords, or any other mechanism. Unfortunately, this is not practical, either: The Internet is a bad neighborhood, and it's not long before some Bonehead tells the computer to do something like self-destruction, then, is not very useful.This is no different from our everyday life. We are constantly making decisions about what risks we are willing to accept. When we enter a car and drive to work, there is a risk we take. It is possible that something completely out of control, we will become a part of an accident on the highway. When we're in the plane, we accept the degree of risk that the price of convenience. But most people have a mental picture of what is an acceptable risk is, and will not go beyond that in most cases. If I'm upstairs in the house and wants to leave for work, I will not jump out the window. Yes, it would be more practical, but the risk of harm outweighs the advantage of convenience.