Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Ad hoc applications provide truly wireless solutions

Ad hoc applications provide truly wireless solutions

Ad-hoc mode, users can spontaneously form a wireless local area network. For example, a group of people, with 802.11-equipped computers to collect and business meetings in their home. In order to share these documents and the presentation of charts and tables, can easily change the network card is a small ad hoc wireless local area network for a meeting room. Another example is when you and your employees are waiting in the airport, and you want to share a relatively large PDF files. Via ad hoc mode, you can move the file to another One Laptop. Each of these applications do not need to install the base station and drive cables.The ad hoc form of communication is particularly useful to public safety and search and rescue applications. medical groups requires a fast and efficient communications when they rush to treat disaster victims.
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