Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Ad hoc & Wi-Fi Networks

Ad hoc & Wi-Fi Networks

If you have two or more computers with wireless adapters (WiFi cards), you can easily connect to the network by creating a so-called "ad hoc network, or network from computer to computer without a base station. If any computer ad hoc network is an Internet connection, you can share it with other computers on the network, for example the case of the traditional network.First, it is necessary to equip all the machines that will be in the future ad hoc network with a wireless adapter and install the drivers. A new icon in the taskbar, indicating the presence of an active wireless adapter on your computer: By default, Windows XP has a utility that lets you configure wireless networks. The Microsoft Windows XP wireless network configuration utility for setting disables the tool manufacturer. To disable the Windows XP tool, simply click on Start / Settings / Network Connections, then right on to the wireless network icon and select Properties. In the configuration tab of your wireless network, using Windows or disable checking to configure my wireless network.
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