Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Digital Hubbub

Digital Hubbub

Abstract : Seminar ppt With regard to consumer electronics is considered the last talk of the town is on digital noise. His device is used as a hub to connect all the different home units. Together with the hub binding capacity also includes several functions such as registration charge of the game, etc. flow of data from various electronic devices in the house. Electronic devices that include a TV, VCR, camcorder, computer, etc. It consists of software and hardware. The equipment must be in a single CPU. Digital signal processing chips, memory, and interact with the various ports. The software has three layers of the inner layer, intermediate layer and the outer surface. These layers are divided on the basis of the different activities they should do. Several companies are now trying to make the dream possible, because the company that led to the digital consumer confusion. Moxi Digital (Palo Alto, California) has proven to be the so-called media center at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2002. E 'a, PVR DVD / CD player and an innovative user interface of the wireless home network software distribution. In February, Dige Inc. (Kirkland, Washington), start-up is controlled by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has announced plans to build a surprisingly like a central one for Motorola Inc. (Schaumburg, Illinois) and cable company Charter Communications Inc. (St. Louis, Mo.), also controlled by Allen. In March, Moxi and merged and named Dige Dige.