Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: NANOTECHNOLOGICAL ARTIFICIAL RBC


Molecular manufacturing provides precise control of matter at the atomic & molecular levels allowing the making of micron scale machines comprised of nanometer-scale components. Medical nano machines will be the very first applications. The artificial red blood cell or “respirocyte” discussed here is a bloodborne spherical 1-micron diamondoid 1000 atm pressure vessel with active pumping able to deliver 236 times more oxygen to the tissues per unit volume than natural red cells with managing carbonic acidity. An onboard nano computer and numerous chemical and pressure sensors allow complex device behaviors remotely reprogrammable by the physician through externally applied acoustic signals. Basic Primary applications will include transfusable blood substitution , partial treatment for anemia, perinatal and all lung disorders, enhancement of cardiovascular or neurovascular procedures, tumor therapies and diagnostics, prevention of asphyxia , artificial breathing and varieties of sports, veterinary, battlefield and other types of uses.
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