Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Plant Condition Monitoring By Using Infrared Thermography

Plant Condition Monitoring By Using Infrared Thermography



Infrared condition monitoring techniques offer an objective way of assessing the condition of plant equipment. Infrared thermography is a condition monitoring technique used to remotely gather thermal information from any object or area, converting it to a visual image. The equipment is more compact, it is easier to use, it provides better imagery, faster analysis and uses software that allows reports to be written easily. Prices are also continually dropping in order to predict the need for maintenance. Thermography also has the ability to generate information that can be used to improve equipment and enhance operational and process modifications.

Temperature is a key variable in virtually any situation and for all processes for example, if we have even the slightest deviation from normal body temperature we feel sick. In industry, we have plenty of examples too. All this radiation around us can be imaged, measured and stored by an infrared system for analysis, Infrared thermography is the science of the acquisition and analysis of thermal information from non-contact thermal imaging devices. Another area where thermography can provide significant benefits is in the optimization of preventive maintenance (PM). Preventive maintenance (PM) tasks are designed to avoid unplanned failures by periodically inspecting, testing and replacing parts. In many Cases, these time-based tasks result in unnecessary work and wasted parts or materials, satisfactory preventive maintenance inspection can justify deferral or elimination of some tasks, reducing plant manpower requirements and part expenditure.

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