Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: BiDi Screen : Depth and Lighting Aware Interactive Display

BiDi Screen : Depth and Lighting Aware Interactive Display

Here’s a quick teaser to illustrate the capabilities I’m describing. Here you see a user pulling her hands away to rotate and zoom a 3-D model. We also show a use of 3D gesture to navigate a 3D world.We support these modes by creating an array of virtual cameras on an LCD using a technique known as Spatial Heterodyning. Because we’re using an optical technique, we also enable dynamic relighting applications, where real-world lighting is transfeRred to a rendered scene.We are inspired by the next generation of multi-touch devices that rely on optical sensors embedded in an LCD matrix typically used for display.We also take inspiration from developments in commercializing depth sensitive cameras and the explosion of multi-touch interaction devices in consumer electronics and media and their ability to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience.
What if we could combine all of these features into a single device?
This device would of course support multi-touch on-screen interaction, but because it can measure the distance to objects in the scene a user’s hands can be tracked in a volume in front of the screen, without gloves or other fiducials.