Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network

Abstract:(seminar) Organizations whose facilities are split between two or more locations can connect the locations into a single logical network through the use of routers and wide area networking (WAN) technologies.When a circuit-switched network like telephone network, is used, permanent or switched circuit services are employed to emulate the physical attachment of the two sites for router-to-router packet exchange obviously it is private.When a packet network, such as the Internet, is used as WAN for connecting the sites, the private nature of router-to-router communications is threatened, since the network provides no guarantee regarding packet delivery.Routers intending to talk to one another over logical Internet circuits will find that packets can be injected into or ejected out of the circuits indiscriminately.To keep such circuits private, the packets flowing on the circuit must be encrypted so that injected packets will be no use of unintended recipients. These private links between routers are called tunnels.VPNs are so important to organizations supporting telecommuters, branch offices, and off-site partners, that VPNs are becoming a critical part of corporate Information Technology strategy.