Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network

Abstract:(seminar) The working definition of a VPN that will serve as the basis for all discussion in this paper is the following: a combination of tunneling encryption, authentication, access control technologies and services used to carry traffic over the internet, a managed IP network or a providers backbone.The traffic reaches these backbones using any combination of access technologies, including T1, frame relay, ISDN, ATM or simple dial access.Some academics and engineers disagree with this definition .In the past six to twelve months; there have been editorials and commentaries in several engineering and academic journals decrying the use of the term VPN in this manner.The typical argument is that the IT World has taken a very generic networking term and bastardized it for marketing purposes. It’s a valid point.But there also is a need to have a common working definition to discuss VPN implementations, deployment, products and services. For the IT community, a VPN as defined above seems to work.However, the general idea behind using a VPN is that a company reduces the recurring telecommunication charges that are incurred when connecting remote users and branch officers to resources in corporate head quarters.