Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Web Bank

Web Bank

Abstract:(seminar) For longtime technology has made us gape at its possible virtues. We read about existing experiments in scientist labs. We heard of some queer happenings. It all appealed to us. We often fell short experiencing them. No more.The pace or penetration of technology in our lives has awakened us from our dreams. Web banking is another addition in a series of technological wonders in the recent past. It makes our lives convenient. Imagine checking your account balance from the cozy comports from your home on a click of mouse. Internet has revolutionized one of the oldest trades in human civilization banking.Today’s banks are no more housed in dingy places where employees sit upon ledger books, taking eternity to check the balance in your account. The banking sector has undoubtedly been early adopter of technology. From computerization to networking to ATMS and now E-banking, banks have moved up the value of chain.