Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Abstract:(seminar) One of the easiest ways to offer information on the Internet is to host a Web Site. Pick a good host, create and upload our pages submit our site to search engines.INTRODUCTION:The main advantage of a web site is to share our ideas and views with the world. To create a web pages is very easy. However, to provide access to everyone. We need to host it on a server that is available to everyone. There are hundreds of hosts both paid and free that provide you with space on their servers to serve our pages. Different hosts have different services, technologies, requirements etc. Now we look at what we need to consider when choosing a host. After that we discuss few hosts and features.SELECTING OUR HOST:The life of a site depends on its quality. One of the factors that affects the quality of the site is the host. When choosing a host, we need to consider the following.COST:If a personal web site is all we are looking for, cost will definitely be a factor we need to consider first. If we are looking for a service based site or if we expect more than ten thousands hits a day, you may want to consider a paid server. Since free servers would be highly trafficked merely because of the volume of sites they host. Otherwise, a free service provider is an ideal choice for all sites.SPEED:-Speed is very important in ensuring stickiness our site. Remember that there are hundreds of sites on every topic, if a visitor has a bad experience with our site, he may never came back. Checkup on the kind of speeds available with a server by checking out other sites on the same server.The web server should have adequate memory and disk space and should be implemented on a high_speed computer. Most web servers run on WindowsNT or Unix computers. Most WindowsNT systems use pentium processors. Although some run on DEC Alpha processors.If our web site requires additional services such as fill in forms, orderforms databases we will need to look more closely at the type of server and it’s capabilities.An Important factor affecting the speed is the physical location of the server if we play to build a local site say, about restaurants in our city or in India, We should choose a server in India, otherwise servers in US or Japan are good choices.