Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Anthropomorphic Robot hand

Anthropomorphic Robot hand

Abstract : seminar The study presents the anthropomorphic robot hand called the Gifu hand II, which is a thumb and four fingers, all the joints, which are driven by servomotors built-in palm and fingers. Thumb has four joints and four degrees freedom (DOF), the other four fingers, joints, 3-DOF and two axes of joints near the palm cross orthogonally at one point, as the human hand. Gifu hand II can be equipped with six-axis force sensor for each finger and developed distributed tactile sensor 624 measurement points on its surface. Plan and specifications of Gifu hand II, the basic features of the tactile sensor, and pressure distributions at the time to understand the objective is described and discussed here. Our results show that the Gifu hand II, you can run the skillful manipulation of a human hand.