Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: A 64 Point Fourier Transform Chip

A 64 Point Fourier Transform Chip

Abstract : seminar Fourth generation wireless and mobile systems are currently the focus of research and development. Broadband Wireless World multiplexing based on orthogonal frequency division package enables communication based on high data rates suitable for video streaming and mobile Internet applications. Given this fact, we have proposed a data path architecture using dedicated cable for baseband processor. The most intensive computing such as a high data rate system is the inverse FFT 64 points in the forward direction and the Viterbi decoder in the receiver's address. Therefore, a design methodology suitable for the construction of them must select one) like the surface of silicon is required b) the ease with which may be the particular architecture, it is flat for implementation in VLSI c) how effective steps to implement the child and how long cables carrying signals in remote areas of the design teams are) so small that energy consumption can be.