Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Example of Nanotechnology Affecting Energy Technology

Example of Nanotechnology Affecting Energy Technology

Abstract : Seminar An example of how nanotechnology affects forcefulness profession is recent announcements by battery companies that indicate that by using nanotechnology to design new anodes and cathode materials, they are healthy to greatly increase the amount and rate of forcefulness that can be transferred to a battery, and reduce the recharge times significantly as a result.Battery companies have also introduced nanotechnology battery designs that are confident of storing more forcefulness than previous designs, by making better use of a battery's storage potential.Solar engineers have reported early nanotechnology-based breakthroughs in solar profession that might: earmark a farther wider spectrum of solar forcefulness to be captured by future solar cells, earmark solar cells to be healthy to convert solar forcefulness to energy farther more efficiently, earmark solar collectors to be painted on just about any surface, and could alter down the outlay of solar profession significantly.