Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nanotechnology Nanotubes

Nanotechnology Nanotubes

Abstract : seminar Scientists hit unconcealed that a moving pulse of modify motion along the miniscule wires known as copy nanotubes can cause powerful waves of energy. These \"thermopower waves\" can drive electrons along same a collection of flotsam propelled along the surface of ocean waves, creating an electrical current. The previously unknown phenomenon opens up a newborn Atlantic of energy research and could lead to a newborn way of producing electricity.The team of scientists at MIT coated the electrically and thermally conduction copy nanotubes with a place of reactive render that can produce modify by decomposing. This render was then ignited at one end of the fullerene using either a laser beam or a high-voltage spark, and the termination was a fast-moving thermal wave motion along the length of the copy fullerene same a flame speeding along the length of a lit fuse. Heat from the render goes into the nanotube, where it travels thousands of nowadays faster than in the render itself.