Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Robotics


Abstract : (Seminar) The inform essay attempts with Robotics in the environment of activities handled by various departments in the sphere Robotics is design and manufacture of nimble machines that are programmed to action certain tasks. Robots are utilised in industries to process productivity and handle jobs that are likewise dangerous for humans.Robots are shapely in a complex way. They are prefabricated of a controller which acts as the mentality of a computer , an limb which resembles the human limb is designed according to the application, the drive which drives the robot to do a certain task, an end-effector which attaches the hand to the limb and a device which provides a limited feedback to the robot.Robotic architecture is mainly based on the microcontrollers.Use of integrated microcontrollers is gained a aggregation of importance because of its reliability at a low cost. The microcontroller forms the heart of the embedded system that forms the mentality of the majority of robots. Robotics is utilised for industrialized automation to the extent that the terms ‘robotics and industrialized automation’ hit embellish synonyms in the industrialized world.Use of highly integrated Microcontrollers allows development of distributed info systems. Motion control on a robot is accomplished by components, code enabled components and integrated solutions.Androids are the human robots (i.e robots that look more like humans) need a special mention because of the wide range of their utilities, and their ability to replace humans & thus support in automation. In real world, robots are redefining manufacturing, medicine, expedition and consumer electronics. Robotics has the potential to modify our economy, health, accepted of living, noesis and above all the concern we live in.