Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Vlsi Paper Presentation

Vlsi Paper Presentation

ABSTRACT : (Seminar) Most of the students of Electronics Engineering are unclothed to Integrated Circuits (IC's) at a rattling basic level, involving SSI (small bit integration) circuits same grouping gates or MSI (medium bit integration) circuits same multiplexers, maternity encoders etc. But there is a aggregation bigger world out there involving miniaturization at levels so great, that a micrometer and a microsecond are literally considered huge! This is the world of VLSI - Very Large Scale Integration.Neural networks are a new method of programming computers. They are exceptionally beatific at performing pattern recognition and another tasks that are rattling difficult to program using conventional techniques. Programs that state neural nets are also capable of learning on their possess and adapting to changing conditions.Neural nets may be the future of computing .A beatific artefact to understand them is with a puzzle that neural nets crapper be used to solve. Suppose that you are presented 500 characters of cipher that you know to be C, C++, Java, or Python. Now, create a program that identifies the code's language. One solution is to create a neural net that learns to identify these languages. According to a simplified account, the human mentality consists of about decade billion neurons -- and a neuron is, on average, adjoining to several thousand another neurons. By artefact of these connections, neurons both beam and receive varying quantities of energy. One rattling important feature of neurons is that they don't react immediately to the reception of energy. Instead, they assets their conventional energies, and they beam their possess quantities of forcefulness to another neurons only when this assets has reached a certain grave threshold. The mentality learns by adjusting the sort and strength of these connections. The brain's meshwork of neurons forms a massively nonconvergent information processing system. This contrasts with conventional computers, in which a single processor executes a single program of instructions.