Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Brain fingerprinting technology

Brain fingerprinting technology

Abstract : Seminar PDF PPT . Brain Fingerprinting technology based on the principle that the brain is fundamental to all human acts. After the terrorist, there can be a proof devices such as fingerprints or DNA, but the brain factor is always there, planning, implementation and recording of crime. Information about terrorist organizations, and training plans are not innocent. Until the invention of the Brain Fingerprinting test, there is no scientific way to detect this difference. Brain Fingerprinting test provides an accurate, timely and economical solution to a key problem in the fight against terrorism. Now you can scientifically determine whether a person is a terrorist training and information on terrorism.Brain Fingerprinting test can determine quickly and accurately whether or not specific knowledge is present or absent in an individual. For a test fingerprint of the brain, words, images or sounds that are relevant to a crime, terrorist act or terrorist training presented by a computer, with other images and sound foreign. electrical brain responses are measured non-invasively through a patented headband equipped with sensors. A computer then analyzes the responses of the brain and decide whether or not specific information is stored within the brain of the suspect. The results are not influenced by the willingness of the person being tested to tell the truth. By testing specific information technology can precisely distinguish between Brain Fingerprinting called a terrorist and an innocent person who might know some places, people and events for legitimate reasons.Brain Fingerprinting test detects whether or not specific information is stored in the brain of a person, not the truth or falsity. In fact, no questions and no answer is given during Brain Fingerprinting test. Brain Fingerprinting test can not be used for general, non-specific tests, something that no reliable data exist to compare the subject's response. For example, "a general question like" Are you a terrorist? Is not this something that can be solved by Brain Fingerprinting technology. But perhaps the recognition of specific information from terrorists or training individuals to a training camp unnoticed. Investigators must be reliable, factual details from which to draw the information will be used for the structure of the brain fingerprinting test.Any known means by which a legitimate topic may have found the crime or information relevant to terrorism are reviewed prior to a fingerprint test of the brain. standard protocols to ensure that the person has an opportunity to disclose any circumstance which may have had legitimate access to information relevant to that crime. Any information that the suspect was obtained by legitimate means is removed from the magazine before the test is administered. A suspect has been tested only on information that is not legitimate means of knowledge, information, he denies having been aware of, and for which no legitimate explanation is that if the information is stored in your brain.Thanks to the Brain Fingerprinting for a major scientific innovation has become the practice for technology. A new era of security and intelligence has begun. Now, the terrorists and terrorism support can be identified rapidly and precisely. It would not be any more terrorists to avoid justice for lack of evidence. And there is no reason why an innocent person be falsely imprisoned or sentenced for terrorist acts. Brain Fingerprinting test can be set very high precision, which are involved in terrorism and who are not.A fundamental difference between a terrorist and an innocent man who a terrorist is a detailed information on terrorism and not innocent. Or is it a crime of terrorism, have received training in terrorist activities or working with others in planning terrorist attacks. innocent has no such information is stored in his brain.