Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: video inpainting

video inpainting

Abstract : Seminar We meet the basic technique in missing parts of video files into a static camera. Two important cases are stored. The first case involves the removal of non-stationary objects occlude the background still. We use mainly according to time and system synthesis inpainting background stationary. The second and more difficult issue is the filling-in moving objects when they are partially hidden. To this end, we propose a first primary inpaint hidden moving objects and then fill the rest of the background without the proposed method in the first case. We use optical flow based Input Mask, which tells whether a pixel is moving or is stationary intact. Moving object is inpainted copying patches from frame intact, and this copy is a separate object in motion for both the frame background.This work has applications in various fields, such as video and special effects for the restoration and strengthening of damaged video. The examples described in a document describing these ideas.