Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: cancer cure nano technologie

cancer cure nano technologie

Abstract : Seminar Cancer cure treatment has been a poster-child of nanotechnology nano technologie for most of the time who have been involved with the field. In 1999, a brochure on nanotechnology published by the U.S. government describes the future "synthetic antibodies as drugs or nanoscale devices that could seek out and destroy malignant cells anywhere in the body." ImageOver the last decade, nanotechnology has become a cornerstone of the fight against the National Cancer Institute for cancer, and was prominent in supporting U.S. government for research and development of nanotechnology.And for good reason of cancer cure nano technologie - the promise of nanotechnology treatments, which can diagnose cancer early in the development of the disease than ever to treat tumors with lower concentrations of the cancer cells of chemotherapy and the target while leaving intact healthy cells.